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Boat Leveler Tab Locator - Black

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Boat Leveler Co.
Boat Leveler Tab Locator - Black
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Boat Leveler Tab Locator - Black

Insta-Trim boat leveler's electronic tab locator shows the
position of your tabs. Two seperate lines of diode lamps
accurately indicate the position of each tab. the screen is
small, mounts on the dashboard, and is designed to
match your rocker type controls in size and appearance.
The detectors are rugged and attach easily and quickly to
each hydraulic cylinder. The attached readout line runs
up to the light panel with simple plug in connections.

Insta-Trim electonic tab locators can be added to your
existing boat leveler system, upgrading your system for a
better, more accurate performance.

Installation is quick, easy, and simple. Only a few
common tools are rquired, and the tab locators come
with easy to follow instructions.

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